It is so wonderful to be able to expand your family! You may be considering adoption, but are unsure of exactly how to proceed. Miriam Arnold-Johnson, PC, is here to help. There are many ways to reach your goal and so many children in need.

There are several kinds of adoption. We can help you understand the process and what will be necessary from you.

Relative Adoptions

Relatives often adopt children so that they can remain in the family even if a biological parent is unable to care for a child due to social, financial, mental or physical hardships. Under Georgia law, a relative adoption can be a simpler process than other types of adoption, but an attorney should still guide you through the process. Attorney Miriam Arnold-Johnson can help.

"Can't I just get a guardianship?"

A guardianship is not the same as adopting a child.

Stepparent Adoptions

The old saying, "It is the love, not the blood" is correct. Stepparents often want to adopt a child, but how? Stepparents need to know the benefits and responsibilities of adopting a child. You need to consider representation when you are expanding your family, and our firm can help.

"My wife's will states that she wants me to raise my stepson. Is that enough?"

A will does not guarantee rights in the same manner as an adoption.

Domestic Independent Adoptions

If you want to adopt a child here in the United States, but a relative or stepparent adoption is not an option, then a domestic independent adoption may provide your answer. A person or couple may wish to adopt a child, but not through an adoption agency. Attorney Arnold-Johnson has experience in this area. Give her a call.

"A young lady at church asked my husband and me to care for her child. That's fine, right?"

Simply caring for a child does not create a legally binding relationship, as an adoption would.