ModificationAfter divorce, custody and child support orders are finalized, what do you do if something changes? You have options. A final judgment for either child support or child custody maybe modified under certain circumstances.

Child Support

If your financial situation or that of the other parent has changed, you may be able to ask for either an increase or a decrease in the child support obligation. If your child's expenses have changed since the order was entered, that may also provide grounds for a modification. With Georgia's child support guidelines, however, you want to weigh all options before filing an action for modification of child support.

Miriam Arnold-Johnson, PC, often handles modification of child support actions. We take a practical approach, looking at the cost and benefits of filing an action before doing so. If you have experienced financial changes since the entry of your order, give us a call today!

Child Custody

If you are considering modifying custody, you need to know several factors. We understand that both physical and legal custody of your child are incredibly important. What may have been in the child's best interest at the time of the order may not be what is best for the child presently. Attorney Arnold-Johnson has spent years in this line of work and advises clients honestly. Allow her experience to work for you. If you believe a change is necessary, consult with us today!


When the court enters an order regarding children, it expects both parties to abide by the order. If your co-parent is not abiding by the court order, you can file an action for contempt. Someone who has violated an order can be jailed, obligated to do what the original order stated and sometimes even ordered to pay attorney's fees. If you need assistance enforcing a court order, we would be glad to help.