When a marriage is on the brink of ending, it can be difficult for spouses to see beyond their immediate circumstances. However, if you anticipate a divorce in the near future, it could help to think not just of the current situation, but also about life after divorce.

Below are suggestions for how you can set yourself up for a brighter, happier life after a divorce.

  1. Protect your finances. Even though you are likely still sharing bank accounts and other assets with your spouse, consider how to protect your individual finances. A recent CNBC article provides tips for protecting your credit before a divorce, for instance. You can also meet with an accountant or financial analyst to understand and better control your marital and separate property. These steps can have a dramatic effect on your post-divorce finances.
  2. Connect with your kids. Begin preparing your children now. Rather than be consumed by divorce or fights with your spouse, take the time to connect with your kids. Doing this can help them navigate the impending transition and improve your relationship, which can have a positive impact on eventual child custody arrangements.
  3. Take care of yourself. It can take time to recover from a divorce and adjust to a new normal. To make this transition easier, start taking care of yourself now. Begin some healthy habits and identify stress-relief methods that help you feel better. Re-engage in positive relationships; try new things; make time for yourself. These efforts can help you cope with stress and difficult emotions following a divorce.
  4. Prepare to be patient. Divorce is a process, as is navigating life after divorce. Practice being patient. If you only expect fast results and immediate adjustments to change, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Divorce is a significant event, and it can change nearly every aspect of your life. Give yourself the time and space you need to address and overcome these challenges.

Managing the details and demands of a divorce can be overwhelming. However, remember there is life after this process. And with these tips, you can make that life more fulfilling.