For some people, divorce is a long, drawn-out process. In some cases, it can take months or even years between the time parties file the initial paperwork and when they finalize the divorce.

In other cases, however, a lengthy divorce is preventable if parties commit to the following suggestions for moving the process forward.

Simplify your agreements

Whether you are dealing with property division or child custody, it can be easy to get caught up in the minutiae. People find themselves discussing things like extremely rare and hypothetical situations involving their kids, or obsessing over the division of every personal item in their home.

Simplifying your agreements can streamline the process. As an example, instead of trying to anticipate every potential custody issue, you might agree to use a mediator to resolve unforeseen disputes. Or, you can divide property by category rather than individual items.

Avoid the courtroom

Resolving issues in court can take a lot longer than settling them yourselves outside of court.

If you cannot find a resolution, then you can take the matter to court. However, trying to avoid this can be wise if you want to get through this more quickly.

Leave the mudslinging behind

Contentious divorces often take longer than amicable divorces — parties who fight over everything or refuse to cooperate wind up creating more obstacles and delays.

Refrain from things like badmouthing each other on social media or in person. Keeping discussions and conversations civil and respectful can also go a long way in preventing setbacks.

Pay attention

Meeting deadlines and responding quickly to requests by others during a Georgia divorce ensures you are contributing to timely resolutions.

It is also critical to pay attention to negotiations and agreements, even if you are hoping to get through them quickly. Rushing through the process without understanding or caring what is going on may seem like the fastest way through it now. However, this can backfire if you must go back and seek modifications or contest settlements.

A swift divorce is not a priority for everyone, but if it is a priority for you, these suggestions can be helpful.