Divorce has a significant impact on how the children in a family grow up. Determining child support is not something that any parent should take lightly. What goes into a custody agreement in a Georgia courtroom?

Family law attorneys know how to help parents earn the custody agreement they want for their families. Courts still have their own list of criteria that they consider when determining custody.

What the court will consider

Every state has its own laws about child custody. In a Georgia courtroom, there is a list of factors that custody can be based on. Notable items on this list include:

  • The love, affection, and bonding exist between each parent, their children, and any other children in the parent’s household
  • The capacity each parent has to offer their child love and affection
  • The home environment each parent provides and their ability to offer a nurturing and safe environment
  • How involved each parent is in their child’s lives
  • The stability each parent can provide for a family
  • Any work constraints a parent might have
  • Any criminal history or history of drug abuse
  • Recommendations that a court-appointed custody evaluator may offer

While courtrooms typically consider the same factors when determining custody agreements, a skilled attorney can make a considerable difference in the outcome of the case.

Prove how capable you are

Experienced lawyers know how to explain what a parent can offer their children. Many factors go into determining child custody, so make sure you are able to present the best possible case in your divorce.