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Property Division Requires A Compassionate Yet Experienced Attorney

When going through a divorce, you will have to make difficult decisions. One of those is deciding how your property will be divided. There are many factors that come into play and it’s normal to not understand them.

Having an attorney who can help guide you through the process is in your best interest. Miriam Arnold-Johnson, PC, has been helping clients for 20 years.

Understanding What Can Be Divided

Georgia is an equitable distribution state. This means all property acquired during the marriage is subject to division. It doesn’t matter whose name it is in, it is owned by both of you. Pensions and business assets are also considered a marital property if they were developed during the marriage.

Some things, such as inheritance, are considered separate property. Separate property is any property you had before the marriage.

When it comes to the home you both shared, each case is different. Some couples are able to agree on who gets the house. For those who can’t, a judge will look at a number of factors. There is no clear-cut answer, but we will help you build the strongest possible case based on your wishes.

Co-Mingling — What Is It?

Co-mingling is a term used for couples who have purchased or maintained their assets with a mixture of separate and shared property. Typically, a court will decide how assets can be divided between spouses. 

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